Small Groups

A small group is a tight-knit community of 6-12 people who gather together on a monthly basis for life-sharing, spiritual support and relaxation! A small group provides an intimate setting which fosters genuine relationships. Every group possesses a unique flavor that's suitable for different schedules, locations and interests. Below is a list of our small groups. If you would like more information, please contact us @

Journey To The Finish

Keera Matarese

Meetings: Every Saturday 9a at Neutaconkanut Park

Journey to the Finish is a small group where we focus on utilizing the strength the Lord has given to us in our daily lives, as well as building relationships with others to work as a team to help guide us to the finish line. Strengthening our bodies and our minds in this journey through the word of the Lord.

Men's Bible Study

Various Teachers

Meetings: Every Tuesday at 7p in the Youth Center

We will be concentrating on the life of Jesus; His interactions with His disciples, His countrymen, and most of all with His heavenly Father. Plus, we will be studying the prayers that Jesus Himself offered to God the Father so that we can gain the same assurance that our prayers will be heard and answered.

You & Me Forever (Married Couples)

Oscar & Noralis Camarena

Meetings: First Friday of the month in Cranston

This small group is geared towards discovering God's mission for your marriage as you explore marriage in light of eternity.

Strike The Match (Married Couples)

Bill & Barbara McKeon

Meetings: 1x a month, Friday night in Cranston

This small group is geared towards exploring the stages and seasons of change and callenges, as couples learn how to rekindle the fire.

Love & Respect (Married Couples)

Mike & Lauren Krawczyk

Meetings: This small group meets every 3rd Friday of each month in Warwick

This small group is geared towards focusing on the spiritual glue that keeps marriages together - Jesus Christ.

Soul Sisters

Stephanie Chenes & Zaida Hernandez

Meetings: 2x a month, Wednesdays @ 7p in the downstairs cafe

Soul Sisters is a group that was created for girls (18 - 35 years old) to come together and build not only friendships, but a deeper relationship with God. This group is a great start to meet new ladies and also have the opportunity to open up and share in a private setting.

Deeply Rooted (Ladies)

Erin Schlaupitz & Melissa Petruccillo

Meetings: This small group meets every 2nd Saturday of the month after church.

This small group will be going through a Lisa Bevere study book. Come connect with the ladies in our church from any age range! Yes - there will be fries!

Young Adults

Pastor Percy Ballah

Meetings: Every 1st Friday of the month at 7:30pm in the Youth Center

Young Adults meet every 1st Friday of every month at 7:30p in the Youth Center. The age range is from 18-35 years old. Come experience God with a group of people who are passionate to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ. It’s a laid back environment with food, worship and a devotional. Do not miss out on what God is doing in our young adult community.

Single Parenting

Dottie Furlong

Meetings: Every 2nd Tuesday night at 6p in North Providence

Come gather with other single parents in the church as you learn from one another and fellowship on God’s goodness in your life.

Clean Eating Group

Sue Vetri

Meetings: One Friday night a month in Pawtucket

Sick and tired of putting all those chemicals into your body? Come see how you start eating clean and making right decisions for yourself!

The Blessing

Mike & Sharon Smith

Meetings: Every 3rd Sunday of every month in Seekonk.

This small group is based off of encouragement and growing deeper relationship with God. We discuss the word, pray together and share what God is doing in each other’s lives. If you are looking for something to uplift your spirit—this is the group for you. Get connected with other people in the church who will be able to build you up in your walk with God.

Young Adults Men

Chuck Downs

Meetings: 3rd Saturday of every month

Get connected with other young adult men in the church! (Contact for a location)


Justin & Kelly Muniz

Meetings: Bi-weekly in North Providence

Educate is a bible based small group that touches on dating & engaged couples living Gods way with boundaries and implementing God’s teaching and enlightment.

Worship Small Group

Sarah Vaas

Meetings: Once a month on 2nd Friday of the month in North Providence

Changing our perpective through worship. This group's aim is to explore what worshipping God is beyond the music.

Sister to Sister

Val Tufano

Meetings: Every 3rd Wednesday of the month North Providence

The Sister to Sister small group is a group of ladies coming together and sharing God’s word. The spirit of God is moving amongst these ladies as they pray for one another, share what God is doing in their lives, and just receiving that touch from God that they have been longing for. If you feel that void in your life, this small group will help you fill that void with the power of Jesus!

Freeman's Hosting Party

John & Romaine Freeman

This small group meets once a month on a Sunday after the 11a service.

Come fellowship after service with other people in the church as we have bible study, food and games!